Tech companies are being invited to take part in Watford Borough Council’s tendering process to provide a transport app to help commuters across Watford.

The successful applicant will be asked to deliver a number of benefits through the ‘Transport App’ to a range of people across the town including, residents, businesses, commuters, visitors and taxi drivers. The successful bidder will need to provide all aspects of the operation of the app and continue to update and evolve the app as new requirements and opportunities are identified.

The aim of the app is to assist everyone who needs to access transport information within Watford. It will need to provide clear, reliable and accurate information about transport services, possible delays, estimated arrival times and cost of journeys. The app will be designed to deliver seamless door-to-door travel choices within Watford and the surrounding area.

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, said: “During the election I promised to improve our public transport so we have better infrastructure as our town grows and new businesses start up here. This app will help with this and give everyone real time transport information in one place. I’m pleased that we’re making progress with this key election promise”

A key focus of the Mayor’s manifesto is transport and, as part of this, one of the initiatives he is championing is the development of this app.

The tender must be submitted by 18 March 2019 online, following the instructions on the tendering portal at: You must register on this site in order to submit your application. Once logged in, suppliers must go to ‘Response Manager’ and add the following access code: 472U8J6GKU.

Applicants are asked to allow sufficient time when responding, as late submissions cannot be uploaded and will not be accepted.